Regional Workforce and Public Policy Council

Working within Our Community to Build a Leading Workforce Ecosystem 

The Regional Workforce Council will help sculpt new initiatives, focus, and funding for workforce-related efforts in our region. Taking inventory of efforts allows our community to increase resources and better extend support to prepare our residents for competitive employment and upward mobility.

Through organized facilitation understand current gaps, challenges, and partnerships. The intention of this council is to open doors of communication to learn ways to leverage support from one another.

Building a Workforce Development Resource Action Plan:

  • What does the perfect workforce ecosystem look like and how do we create it?
  • How do we work better together to meet employer and job seeker needs?
  • What are we doing about public policy – local, state, and national levels?
  • How are we celebrating success as a region?
  • How can we strengthen our partnerships?
  • Are we being strategic in fundraising as a community?