Training Skilled Healthcare Workers to Meet Growing Needs

The shortage of skilled healthcare workers in our region has reached critical levels.  Trained and certified professionals are needed across multiple disciplines to meet the current and projected healthcare demands.

To date, CareerEdge has directly invested $14.5 million to prepare healthcare professionals to compete in the evolving industry.  Employer contributions in these efforts have exceeded $9 million, and local and state workforce grants have surpassed $1,008,000.  Combined, about $14.5 million dollars has been invested to keep our workforce competitive with the demands of the industry.

Since 2010, CareerEdge has granted 13 healthcare organizations funding for workforce development initiatives.  These grants helped incumbent workers obtain skills training, as well as nationally recognized credentials and degrees.

CareerEdge has developed a partnership with the healthcare employers to assist them in addressing the challenges they are experiencing in hiring, retaining and advancing their workforce.  We facilitate collaboration between employers and educational and training providers, as well as with community partners to address employers’ workforce needs. CareerEdge also offers free emerging leadership training for local healthcare employers in areas such as new supervisory development and soft skills training.