Addressing critical skill gaps and workforce challenges

With an aging local workforce Sarasota insurance companies are in desperate need for a pipeline and to fill systemically vacant positions.

CareerEdge will serve as the intermediary for the Insurance Workforce Partnership to invest funding over the next twenty-four months to address the critical skill gaps and workforce challenges employers in this industry are facing, identified through the Insurance Workforce Partnership.

      • The Insurance Workforce Partnership is an employer-led collaboration among FAIA, Educators, Employers, Industry Experts, and Community Organizations. Membership and participation in this partnership is fluid to address specific or immediate needs as identified.
      • Since most of our local insurance companies do not have adequate staffing to participate regularly, this approach will facilitate the community-wide approach to bring expertise as needed.
      • The purpose of the Insurance Workforce Partnership is to identify, assess, measure, and monitor progress toward closing the skill gap currently challenging our insurance community.

The Insurance Industry Partnership developed an action plan in Insurance to address areas of concern, shortage, and need indicated by employers. This includes regional system change is in collaboration with educators, employers and community agencies as well as funding that will support the training and placement of workers in our community.

The Insurance Workforce Partnership goals will include actions like:

      1. Create a new recruitment branding approach to the insurance industry with video and tag line.
      1. By 2022, using new branding approach, attract and hire 100 new people to the insurance industry.
      1. Establish CSR 4-40 certification programs at area technical schools and community partners.