CareerEdge Awards $42,500 to Upskill Workers at Manatee Memorial Hospital

CareerEdge Awards $42,500 to Upskill Workers at Manatee Memorial Hospital

Sarasota-Bradenton, Fla. (October 28, 2021) – CareerEdge Funders Collaborative, The Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce workforce initiative, awarded $42,500 to upskill workers at Manatee Memorial Hospital.  At a time when retaining and growing talent has been extremely challenging, Manatee Memorial is investing in their workforce.

CEOs across the country are now viewing our nation’s worker shortage as the biggest external disrupter to their business, coming out ahead of the pandemic (future COVID variants), according to Fortune. One strategic way to retain employees and increase job satisfaction is to focus on employee skill development. Manatee Memorial is doing just that – they have developed a training plan to upskill 25 employees, ranging from entry-to mid-level employees. They will use grant funding, from CareerEdge, to help offset the $207,000 investment in this segment of their workforce.

This is not a new strategy for Manatee Memorial. They have been developing their workforce for decades, seeking financial assistance from CareerEdge for over ten years.

“Manatee Memorial Hospital’s partnership with CareerEdge goes back to 2010. Their funding has contributed to the training and advancement of countless Manatee Memorial employees,” says Tom McDougal, CEO at Manatee Memorial Hospital. “The longstanding partnership between CareerEdge and our hospital has increased the earning potential for our employees in a variety of areas: nursing and direct patient care, laboratory services, respiratory therapy, billing and coding, hospital administration and leadership, case management, surgical services, outpatient services, diagnostic imaging, and more. CareerEdge’s upskilling workers grant program has impacted close to 200 employees who have been able to advance in their careers, favorably impacting their lives as well as their families.”

Upskilling workers grant funding is a signature initiative of CareerEdge. Once a year, CareerEdge accepts grant applications from manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, and skilled trades sector employers who can make a compelling case that CareerEdge’s “Employer Partnership Model” will help them accelerate promotions for incumbent workers, while speeding job creation and improving their bottom line. This model helps employers close skills gaps and speed the advancement of incumbent and new workers.