CareerEdge HVAC Fast-Track Training

Setting a New Standard: Fast-Track HVAC Training Adds Workers to the Industry

11 individuals recently graduated from the first HVAC Installation Fast-Track Training, held at Manatee Technical College (MTC). 100% have job offers from the following local HVAC companies: Cool Today, Veterans Air, Del Air, Unique Air, Sean McCutcheon, Dan Eder, Ultimate Air, Putnam Mechanical, Aqua Air and Sarasota Bradenton International Airport.

The HVAC Fast-Track Training was piloted as a way for employers to quickly fill in-demand HVAC Installation openings and to create access to HVAC career pathways with opportunities for future promotions. CareerEdge and donor Walt Eppard brought HVAC employers and MTC together to identify the specific curriculum components for this consolidated, employer-led, hands-on training.
Highlighting the effectiveness of this program, Michael Bannister, Manager at Del-Air said, “The combination of the technical and soft skills learned in this program has made each of the graduates an instantly asset that any installation team would gladly have. The continuation of programs such as this will continue to bolster the students, instructors, trade partners, and the community for years to come.”
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