CareerEdge’s Workforce Efforts Result in $4.6 million Economic Impact

CareerEdge’s Workforce Efforts Result in $4.6 million Economic Impact

Sarasota-Bradenton, Florida (April 5, 2023) – CareerEdge Funders Collaborative, the workforce initiative of the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, is proud to announce its efforts resulted in an economic impact of $4.6 million. Their funding opportunities, unique programs and strategic partnerships with employers, educators, government officials, and community stakeholders are significantly contributing to the region.  Their commitment and dedication to excellence resulted in high marks in several key areas of the evaluation.

CareerEdge’s 2022 Annual Evaluation shows the substantial impact to the region’s economy, including more than $1.1 million invested in workforce development, more than $3 million in added wages, 501 workers trained, the creation of 93 new jobs, 170 new employment opportunities and 671 new certifications earned.  The highly informative and detailed report includes other valuable metrics including demographics by age, gender, and ethnicity, certifications earned, and increases in annual wages.

Throughout 2022, CareerEdge achieved several notable honors while setting records in contributions to local business.  In May 2022, CareerEdge received Sarasota County School’s Outstanding Business Partner Award for its involvement in the creation of a Tiny Home project.  The two-year project was a combined effort between CareerEdge and Suncoast Technical College to allow students to learn construction-related skills by building a tiny home on the school’s campus.  In other major efforts, multiple “Bridges to Careers” FastTrack training programs contributed to the Marie Selby Gardens’ Master Plan in downtown Sarasota. Since its inception in 2010, CareerEdge and its employer partners have invested $15.7 million, providing trainings for 7,194 workers, resulting in 1,548 promotions, 4,775 raises and $38.2 million in workers’ aggregate annual earnings.

Overall, the evaluation data announces another year of achievement for CareerEdge’s innovated programs focused on tangible outcomes. By building workforce capacity through upskilling and additional credentials, and increased access to funding, CareerEdge Funders Collaborative has improved pay scales and created a better standard of living in Sarasota and Manatee Counties.

Elevate Data Consulting, an independent third party, conducted quantitative and qualitative analyses of the raw data, CareerEdge provided grant reports, and grant management database to produce the evaluation.  The Regional Input-Output Modeling System (RIMS-II) was used to estimate type II direct economic impacts of increased wages and jobs.

To access the full report, click here.