Manufacturing Leadership Training

Establishing Leaders in Growing Industries

People can experience many changes in a career, including a promotion into a leadership role. Without proper training or preparation, employees are often thrust into management positions feeling lost and unable to meet leadership expectations, resulting in high turnover and organizational instability. With input from employer partners, CareerEdge has discovered the many challenges new leaders face and developed a training program for “Emerging Leaders.”

CareerEdge has offered a leadership consortium training for four years in the healthcare industry and manufacturing employers expressed interest in a similar training. CareerEdge supported the idea and offered a pilot program at two locations in Manatee and Sarasota counties to help develop workers in the industry.  Students from 17 different manufacturing companies learned personality differences, communication styles, conflict resolution and exploration of individual strengths with hands-on and group activities. The class was instructed by Lori Ann Roth, President of LARG (Learning and Reflective Growth). See the class in action below.