New careers. Within reach.

By Jennifer Elmore | 

Walter Higdon was stuck.

Stuck in a job that provided no upward growth. Stuck working odd hours that took him away from his children. And stuck earning minimum wage with no benefits.

He needed to provide more for his family. He wanted more for himself. But he wasn’t sure where to start.

“I got to take the boys to school in the mornings, and sometimes it was the only time I got to see them because they were in bed and asleep when I got home from work,” Higdon recalled.

Then he saw an ad in the newspaper for CareerEdge. This was his chance.

CareerEdge is part of the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce Foundation. It connects employers along Florida’s west coast with a skilled workforce. CareerEdge training focuses on manufacturing, health care, insurance, automotive work and more. Higdon enrolled in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning course.  Read Story