Automotive Technician Program

Automotive Technician Express Program 


After the success of the first cohort, CareerEdge worked with 6 local automobile dealerships to establish another Automotive Technician “Express” program at Suncoast Technical College.  Nine individuals were hired by the employers and were enrolled in the night program at the college while working with their respective dealerships in the morning.  All the students successfully completed the program and have begun to work full-time at the dealerships for $12-$13 an hour with benefits and the potential to career-ladder.



CareerEdge and Gettel Automotive have joined together to offer a tuition-free automotive technician express class at Suncoast Technical College.  After completing the application process, 10 students have started the express class and will receive a starting wage of $12 an hour.  Once they have completed the course, the group will then receive a wage increase with their new industry certification.