Regions Foundation Funds $30,000 to CareerEdge to Support Local Workforce Development

Regions Foundation Funds $30,000 to CareerEdge to Support Local Workforce Development

Sarasota, FL – (June 15, 2022) – The Regions Foundation, a nonprofit organization funded primarily by Regions Bank, awarded $30,000 to workforce development efforts led by the Sarasota Chamber’s CareerEdge Funders Collaborative. Specifically, the grant from the Regions Foundation will support the Bridges to Careers initiative.

Bridges to Careers is a signature training program of CareerEdge that enhances the skills and earning capacities of people in our community by providing them with an opportunity to obtain necessary training and credentialing to enter the workforce successfully. Often this training takes place using a “fast-track” approach, upskilling the participants in a compressed timeframe while effectively preparing them to deliver the skills employers need in today’s job market. This program also includes CareerEdge’s Life & Career skills training and resume assistance services.

In 2021, CareerEdge’s Bridges to Careers initiative offered essential training in the targeted industries of healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, and skilled trades. Ninety-six people graduated from one or more of these programs – 50% of them were non-white/BIPOC and 25% were unemployed prior to the training.

“Workforce development programs open up new opportunities and empower people to build a successful future, and that is why the Regions Foundation is honored to support the Bridges to Careers initiative,” said Marta Self, executive director of the Regions Foundation. “Often the difference between those who succeed, and those who do not, is whether they had access to the right opportunities. Hands down, the Bridges to Careers program is life-changing for its participants, and we appreciate the Sarasota Chamber for making this program available to people across the Suncoast.”

“We are so grateful for the Regions Foundation funding to support our Bridges to Careers program,” said vice president of CareerEdge, Kristi Hoskinson. “The funding helps many individuals in our community seeking to begin a career and improve their earnings to support themselves and their families. The post-training opportunities are life-changing,” she adds.

The Regions Foundation and Regions Bank both prioritize workforce development initiatives as part of their strategy for community engagement. That strategy is rooted in the concept of creating more inclusive prosperity. By supporting initiatives that help people secure well-paying jobs, as well as initiatives that contribute to economic and community development, both the Regions Foundation and Regions Bank are able to make a measurable difference in the communities they serve.

“Regions Bank has a long-standing and collaborative relationship with the Sarasota Chamber, and we appreciate our colleagues at the Regions Foundation for providing generous funding in support of the Chamber’s efforts to build more inclusive prosperity through workforce readiness,” said Earnest Wilks, Sarasota market executive for Regions Bank. “Our goal is to see all people of Sarasota thrive. That’s why we applaud programs like CareerEdge that empower people with the tools they need to succeed.”