Report: $10M investment leads to 4,000 workers trained

CareerEdge was featured in the Business Observer for the release of the 2016 Impact Report.

Since CareerEdge Funders Collaborative began seven years ago, data has been collected to showcase the impact the non-profit and its funders have had on the community.  The organization has just released a report which captures the measurable outcomes that have resulted from investments made by CareerEdge and its partners towards workforce development in the region.  With the 2016 Impact Report, CareerEdge hopes to show the region the return on investment of these innovative workforce strategies, which affect both the local economy and help workers to earn family-sustaining wages. CareerEdge helps job seekers earn high demand credentials and attain employment, and gives employees a chance to build career-laddering skills, while helping local employers close skills gaps in growing industries.

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